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The opening created in the dura mater by the introducing needle will be larger than the entering catheter generic 160 mg kamagra super fast delivery, creating a predisposition to some potential leakage purchase kamagra super 160mg with amex. The dura mater has a moderate amount of elasticity, and this property probably accounts for why the incidence of leaks is not higher. If the particular technique used seems to result in a relatively high incidence of spinal headache or CSF collection under the skin, a blood patch injecting 10 to 20 mL of autologous venous blood one level above the catheter en- try point or at the entry point under fluoroscopic control may prevent CSF leakage. Device-Related Complications The most frequently reported complications with implantable pump systems involve some failure in the system itself. Early reports noted 288 Chapter 15 Implanted Drug Delivery Systems many catheter-related complications. Catheter tip obstruction or replacement can be a problem and may require revision of the catheter. This problem is usually suspected when comparison of the expected and actually measured residual volumes vary by more than 20%. A complete evaluation of the catheter must be performed if obstruction, kinking, or separation is suspected. This is made more important by the increasing reports of sterile granuloma- tous masses forming at the tip of the catheter. These may present as an obstruction, but most commonly they are productive of increasing pain and progressive neurological deficit. Sim- ple radiography with a soft tissue technique will demonstrate break- age or suggest a kink, migration, or disconnection from the extension or pump catheter. The evaluation of either suspected obstruction due to an intraspinal problem or catheter leakage requires the use of the injection side port, if present. Injection of nonionic contrast material will confirm obstruction and often show the point of leakage. The risk of this technique is the delivery of a large bolus of medication directly into the subarachnoid space, leading to the possibility of significant overdosage. Thus preparation for management of overdose should be made before such injections are begun. To avoid this problem, an at- tempt should be made to aspirate the catheter before the contrast is in- jected.

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As we move into a comparison of the two HTPs from a quantitative ex- amination buy kamagra super 160mg amex, the raw G IQ score and the good IQ score remained relatively the same (73/83 on the original and 74/80 on the adapted test) buy generic kamagra super 160 mg online. The tests differ in the net weighted score IQ (points toward the client’s potential level of functioning), with 10 less IQ points measured on the adapted pro- jective test. Taken as a whole, both tests pointed toward Borderline Intel- lectual Functioning, while the WISC-III score of 85 placed this patient in the low average range. Yet the testing that was administered when the patient was in early adulthood should not be overlooked. The Culture Fair Intelligence Test, an instrument that measures intelligence that is not influenced by cultural background or scholastic training, produced an IQ of 77. In comparison, the IQs from both HTPs are within mere points of each other, which may be due to the fact that both the HTP and the Culture Fair Intelligence test rely little on verbal training; as Craddick (1980) has stated, "Projective tests (such as the Rorschach) are by their very structure more likely to elicit pathological responses than will the WAIS [Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale], for example" (p. Although this client was able to fully participate in a battery of verbal testing treatment, a clinician’s work with the difficult client often requires a broad knowledge of diverse cultures. These diversities are not relegated only to cultural traditions, religion, and generational differences, but also 136 Interpreting the Art encompass clothing and food preferences, communication styles, morality, control of aggressiveness, and socioeconomic differences. Consequently, cultural variations affect patterns of communicating, behaving, under- standing, and problem solving. However, as related to art therapy, research has indicated that "children up to age five, regardless of cultural or ethnic origins, follow a specific pattern.... This guide was taken in part from Lowenfeld and Brittain’s (1982) research on child- hood developmental stages, yet a quick search of their index for cultural is- sues finds them linked only with aesthetics. There is no mention of how culture affects art development and no discussion of any cross-cultural commonalities that may exist within childhood renderings. To address this deficiency in the research Alter-Muri (2002) began "an informal inquiry into how Lowenfeld’s theories might function today" in which "one hundred and fifty-six drawings by children ages 3 to 11 from schools in Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, France, and Hungary were collected" (p. Just as childhood developmental stages (art) paralleled Piaget’s cognitive theories (see Chapter 2), the results of Alter-Muri’s study found that Lowenfeld’s methods were applicable across cultures in Europe.